About Us


Koprululer Construction was established in 1996. Our company, serving in the sectors of construction and contracting, is aware of the excitement of sharing its knowledge and experiences with you always starting from the day it was founded.


Koprululer Construction has a management approach aimed at customer satisfaction, quality and efficiency with its staff that has accomplished many successful works in the fields of construction, contracting and project management. Our company has adopted the principle of being trustworthy, constantly following the technological developments, is determined to be innovative and permanent in its field.


The aim of our company is to obtain a strong and successful place in domestic and international design, consultancy and construction sector and to serve in this direction

– Housing Complexes
– University Buildings
– Hospital Buildings
– Hotels
– Office Buildings
– Shopping Malls
– Business Centers (Conference Halls & Meeting Rooms)
– Industry Projects (Construction & Mounting)
– Steel Construction Storages, Factory Buildings
– Infrastructure Projects